Politicos fear Trump, prove they ruined government

Another day, another fearful warning from politicos about the immense danger of electing Donald Trump President of the United States.  He might actually launch nukes, they say.  He's going to ruin the economy by forcing American companies to operate exclusively in the U.S., they say.  He's going to illegally harass, incarcerate, or deport millions of immigrants, they say.  He's going to accelerate the Fed's expansion of the monetary supply and risk hyper-inflation, they say.  The list goes on...and on...and on.

Every single concern about the dangers of Donald Trump might be absolutely true.  But to fixate on Donald Trump is to fall for one of the biggest bait-and-switches in history!

Did you ever stop to ask just how one man, in one branch of government has accumulated the ability to do any of the things mentioned above?  Do we really have a government where one man has the power to blow up the entire economy...or the entire world?!  Given that these concerns are expressed by other politicians and other political operatives, it must be true - it must be true that the President of the United States really does have this power.  How the hell did that happen?

Here's the kicker, liberty fans.  For at least the past 100 years the very same political class that now shrieks at the idea of a President Trump is the exact same political class that has funneled every imaginable power of government straight into the Oval Office.  From the introduction of the Federal Reserve, to the elimination of the gold standard, to the War Powers Act, to warrantless wiretaps, to targeted drone assassinations, to the war on drugs, to surveillance and censorship of the internet, even to the power of conscripting American citizens for forced labor, this political class has personally seen to it that every possible danger that a President Trump might afford is maximally amplified by giving him a big red button for every bad decision he might make.

The danger of Trump isn't about Trump at all.  The danger of Trump is a wake-up call to all citizens that the political class in the United States has successfully turned the Presidency into a dictatorship and we'd damn well better turn it back.  Looking at the countdown clock to Trump, we'd better do it FAST!

PS - Hillary is just as dangerous...

- Mr. Liberty



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