About us

Today, liberty is under attack from every front.  From overreaching government, to social justice warriors, to a resurgence of socialist and communist movements, we must stay vigilant in our defense of liberty.

Threads of Liberty exists to help weave together the many disparate messages of freedom and liberty into a single, unified brand.  For too long the liberty movement has stumbled about without an image, without a personality, without a solid defense against tyranny.  With Threads of Liberty its time to push back!

Whatever your angle, we're here to help you express it.  

Are you waging war against Social Justice Warriors?  Check out our Poke The Bear collection.

Are you trying to educate your neighbors about what liberty means?  Check out our Liberty Education collection.

Are you looking to simply express your libertarian ideals?  Check out our Live Free collection.

If you think we're missing an important message then be sure to Contact Us with your idea.

At Threads of Liberty we want you to Wear Liberty On Your Sleeve!